The annual Tuvugane awards ceremony recognizes and celebrates Burundian-American youth who are doing transformative work in their communities and for Burundi.

Tuvugane believes that communities thrive when members are motivated and encouraged. We recognize the plight of Burundian youth who are resilient in spite of the numerous barriers put in place by the societies in which they live, their community, culture, and family traditions. Tuvugane is a platform created by and for Burundian-American youth to break these barriers, facilitate trust-building, intergenerational healing, and coexistence. For this reason, we established the annual Tuvugane Awards ceremony to celebrate our accomplishments, impact, and recognize some of the members of our community who have done exemplary work that encourages and motivates others.  

The award categories include: 

The Tuvugane Unsung Hero Award

The Tuvugane Creative Arts Award

Influencer of the Year

Activist of the Year

Artist of the Year

Dancer of the Year

Drummer of the Year

Athlete of the Year